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Our GCSE team are fully dedicated to providing an exceptional tuition service for all GCSE students as we recognise this is the most crucial aspect of any student’s career. All of our teams including Mathematics, Science, English and Humanities teams are fully committed to advising students, and parents, what is the best possible work to carry out to secure your desired grade. Most Tuition Centres focus on repeating the same work done at the student’s school, whereas here at Top Mark we focus on providing what cannot be provided by students’ school.

As soon as your child attends a GCSE lesson here they will instantly realise the exceptional quality of teaching we provide and just how much care and individual focus we place on each and every student.

GCSE English

Our English lessons have proven effective overtime because of certain principles we abide by, and standards we are committed to maintaining. Top Mark believes that English is arguably the most significant subject, and the most important for any student to pass. We put considerable emphasis on; how any student scores in an exam, what an examiner is looking for, advanced and scoring vocabulary, teaching students how to structure longer responses and possessing a detailed knowledge of all relevant GCSE texts including their Poetry Anthology. We cover for the examination boards; AQA, Edexcel, OCR, WJEC and we have a working relationship with AQA.

Every GCSE lesson begins with an initial assessment, which is followed by series of vocabulary lessons. Each week a student is provided with Homework, and relevant feedback on the homework they carried out the week before. Vocabulary and grammar resources are also provided for each student.

GCSE Mathematics and Science

Here at Top Mark we depend upon providing students with the single most effective method of teaching for both Mathematics and the Sciences. Our highly qualified staff are more than aware of just how challenging it can be for many students to gain confidence, and to maximise their potential, in these most crucial of subjects.

Our staff are therefore exceptionally adept at providing the highest possible quality of exam paper walkthroughs, examination review, exam technique and identifying precisely and exactly where any student is struggling. Unlike English, and Humanities, Maths and Science depend wholly on the students being able to absolutely score the precise number of marks with no interpretation on the part of the examiner as to what material will score marks. A constant and repeated focus on walking students through examination papers in each lesson, with specific focus on the topics in which they struggle.


The three core subjects necessary within a Tuition Centre are; Mathematics, Science and English. We also provide a specialized, and highly, effective humanities department. We have teachers with Masters Degrees from the finest Universities in the country whom are able to teach; History, Geography, Religious Studies and Sociology/Philosophy. Students can request specialized lessons to utilize the teachers’ abilities.

  1. History lessons for all major areas available on request
  2. Detailed examination materials available
  3. Specialized reading materials available
  4. Examination preparation available

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Top Mark Tuition Centre’s team of tutors is based on experienced Qualified teachers who are working in the local schools and are well equipped with the national education curriculum and standards.

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