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Here at Top Mark we are committed to ensuring that students are supplied with the best, and most experienced, staff possible. We are dedicated to a very high standard of teaching and employ a diverse, multi talented, and dynamic team. Top Mark Tuition Centre was established in 2007. We have been serving the Educational needs of local communities for over a decade. The main purpose of establishing such a unique centre was when we realized that there were no quality tuition centres in the local area and the poor Ofsted reports about the local schools. Our goal was to establish an educational institute driven by quality and good standard.

Our vision is to be a Tuition centre with an excellent level of pedigree with good integrity and reliability in nurturing students to achieve excellence and success.

We are an institution run by experienced teachers and high-achieving undergraduates who are eager to pass on their experiences and expertise. Our Centre has a quality control program to provide you the professional, skilled tutors who know the syllabus inside out. It is Top Mark’s dream to instill students with the fundamental skills and core knowledge that will reward them their best possible Results in their exams.

Atif Malik – Principal of Top Mark Tuition Centre

ACCA, BSC Honours in Applied Accounting, MA in English literature, BA in English Literature.

Mr Atif Malik is the owner, and director, of Top Mark Tuition Centre. He is profoundly committed to the advancement, and progress, of students of all levels whom attend his centre. Mr Malik is both an intellectual, and academic, and believes strongly in providing each, and every, student whom attends his Tuition Centre with a programme of study which ensures top grades and also helps guide his students to their desired career. Mr Malik ensures that his students are provided with the highest quality of teaching staff, and makes sure all resources are at his student’s fingertips. Mr Malik remains actively involved in teaching, and monitoring lessons to ensure they are of the highest quality.

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Top Mark Tuition Centre’s team of tutors is based on experienced Qualified teachers who are working in the local schools and are well equipped with the national education curriculum and standards.

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