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Top Mark Tuition

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Top Mark Tuition

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Top Mark Tuition

Develop the skills you learned in GCSE with Top Marks Tuition Centre.

Welcome to Top Mark Tuition

We are the most well established, and highly regarded, Private Tuition centre within the East London area. We believe in two core principles which have elevated us above most other private education options for your children:

Firstly we believe that a center proves itself based upon its Grade achievements, and here at Top Mark we are proud to announce that we have secured a long history of student’s achieving A or A*, and just as importantly ensuring struggling students attain the necessary passing Grades.

Secondly, we believe in the ethos that a student’s education should be an enriching and enjoyable experience, and our lessons compliment our overall approach which tries to encourage, and advise, students about their future careers and ambitions. Here at Top Mark we believe education is not just the preparation for life, but that education is life itself. Your children will find us as a competent, reliable source for their Study Needs, as well as an Extra Curricular environment where they can better prepare for their professional, and academic futures.

Professional, and expert, exam preparations

Creating strong relationships with students,parents and schools

Quality KS1, KS2, KS3 11+, GCSE A Level, Degree and Proofreading Tuition

Helping students with academic and professional ambitions

Creating an enjoyable learning environment

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Specifically We Specialise In:

We deal with small groups of children ensuring above all else that each, and every, student receives the direct level of diligent care they require. At no point will any student enrolled with us feel remotely overlooked, or marginalized. Every child here is considered unique and capable!

Our team of tutors are a combination of; experienced Qualified teachers who are working in the local schools and are well equipped with the national education curriculum and standards. teachers with academic and intellectual expertise, as well as teachers whom are currently intimately working with some of the major Examination Boards such as AQA or WJEC. Our results speak for themselves as we have been able to assist many students to achieve their potential and to excel in their studies.

We have been serving the local community for many years whilst delivering the highest results for 11+,GCSE and A LEVELS.So far many of our students have gone on to the top universities all around the UK.

Why Choose Us?

There are now more Tuition options than ever and you need to choose the right centre to properly ensure your child has both a successful, and affordable, extracurricular experience! Most Tuition Centres work by simply re-affirming, and repeating, what the student’s school is currently offering. Top Mark work on the basis of providing for all of our students, specifically what they cannot find in their classrooms.

Top Mark is completely dedicated to working with, and co-operating, with the relevant exam boards for students of all three major subjects! As a result we expect to provide a unique Tuition experience which is both enjoyable for the students, but also especially relevant in terms of how a student learns to secure their desired grade!

We will provide for students detailed, and constructive, feedback regarding their progress in all relevant subjects, and we provide for students a detailed and effective system of planning for that student’s future!

What Makes Us Unique ?

Top Mark employs individuals whom not only teach for their respective exam board, but whom actually work for that exam board. In English we have a teacher whom is intimately involved with the major exam board for both literature and Language.

We believe at Top Mark that the success of the students is paramount to anything else. We have always been willing to sacrifice and compromise in order to ensure that we are providing the best possible Tuition experience for your child.

Unlike many TuitionCentres we limit our classes to only six students per lesson.

Also in contrast to many TuitionCentres we put emphasis on providing parents and students with effective and helpful feedback following every lesson.

Lesson reports for parents!

Every teacher writes a lesson report for each student. Parents can see the precise details of everything covered in any lesson their child attends!

Perfect exam strategy!

Here at Top Marks we hire qualified teachers whom are also active examiners, with the major examination boards, as such your child will get profound insight into how to best perform in an exam!

Extra curricular support your school can't provide!

Our highly qualified team are more than willing to adapt based upon the individual needs of the student. Your chid will find the support they need here that was never available before!

Let us work altogether to achieve your child's dreams!

We encourage a strong dialogue between all parents and their children’s teachers. Parents are always welcome to come and speak with the teachers regardining any potential concerns or suggestions!

Our dedication to homework!

All of our team will always be mindful to set relevant, and helpful, homework assignments which will then be marked, We also rigorously assist students with homework set by their specific schools!

The benefit of our resources!

Here at Top Mark we have spent years designing our own unique, and highly useful, study resources. We also help provide for students all relevant GCSE/A level workbooks and relevant texts!

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Top Mark Tuition Centre’s team of tutors is based on experienced Qualified teachers who are working in the local schools and are well equipped with the national education curriculum and standards.

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