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We have been providing a unique and highly effective method of teaching for 11 plus exams over the past decade. During that time we have ensured a passing rate of over 80% which is remarkable when compared to other Tuition Centres.

Having provided such a high standard, of 11 plus teaching, for so many years, it goes without saying that all of the nuances and specifics of the course we are beyond familiar with. With our vast experience we have realised exactly what it takes to achieve the best possible results for any 11 plus students. Success in the 11 plus requires above all self belief, and a comprehensive knowledge of the syllabus at hand. Here at Top Mark we will not only instill your child with confidence but will provide them with the necessary tools to comfortably perform in the examinations themselves.

Accuracy and Timing in an 11 Plus Exam

Accuracy and timing are by far the single most important factors for any student to perform well at eleven plus level. Here we instil in our students a true understanding of both and we work extensively in order to ensure that students are perfectly primed for each and every 11 plus examination they are entered into.

Firstever Exam

Here at Top Mark we are mindful of the reality that, for the most part, these will be the first serious exams that your child will ever have sat in their lives. We are abundantly aware of the; anxieties, pressures, nervousness and otherwise stress associated with sitting your first significant external examination. We treat our students with humility and empathy and guide them through this potentially stressful experience with grace and professionalism. Students naturally feel a wide variety of anxieties, and worries, when it comes to their 11 plus examinations.

Mock Exams

First of all we focus on real life Repetitive mock exams on a regular basis in order to help students overcome anxiety and fear associated with examinations which results in achieving the right confidence to pass the exam but this type of regular assessment also helps the teacher to better understand their students shortcomings and how to address those.

Homework Programme

We also have an intensive homework programme for our 11 plus students, which requires a minimum of 4 hours homework and parental support.11 Plus is very difficult and competitive exam so the candidates are presented with the questions and problems which are way over their educational level.We ask parents for their 100% commitment while their children attend our classes, acommitment that ey will ensure that homework is returened complete every single week.

Regular Reports

We are committed to keep the parents fully informed while your child takes the golden step to succeed in their exams.We write an intensive lesson report about each individual child at the end of each session.Parents are invited to attend Parents’ special cllases where they are taught how to help your children in their eleven plus journey.

Is There a Preferred Exam?

It is impossible to say for absolute certainty which is the preferred examination however parents should take note of the fact that in recent times CEM exams have become more popular, but keep in mind that many schools accept a combination of CEM and GL assessment.

How are the GL and CEM assessments different?

Any, and every, 11 plus examination must assess students based upon; Mathematics, English, and Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning. Nevertheless parents should be aware of key differences when deciding which examination they want their child to sit

What’s included?
Both CEM and GL papers cover roughly the same material. GL deals with; English Mathematics, Verbal/Non Verbal Reasoning whilst CEM covers; Verbal/ Non Verbal but also Numerical Reasoning

How are the GL and CEM assessments different?

CEM examinations do not directly separate the subjects by exam paper. Usually one paper will test the student for Mathematics and Non Verbal Reasoning and the other paper will test the student for English and Verbal Reasoning. In both cases questions will either be standardised or multiple choice.

How long do the exams last?

CEM exams comprise two separate papers each of which lasts 45 minutes GL exam papers last 45 minutes altogether In both cases the questions are a combination of all subjects and the time allocated to the student for answering each question will vary throughout.

Which exam is more difficult?

This question is hard to answer as each individual student’s ability, and preference for certain question types will vary. The two most important aspects to consider are as follows; GL examinations potentially cover as many as 21 different Verbal Reasoning skills, for an 11 plus exam this is a high amount and it is considerably more than is covered in the CEM examination.

CEM examinations however will require your child to have a much more diverse and in-depth knowledge of vocabulary. The CEM paper will also much more closely resemble that which your child will be taught at Primary School for both Mathematics and English as it is closer to the standard National Curriculum.

Overall Top Mark is more than ready to prepare your child for either form of the 11 plus examination and we are the right choice for any parent keen on getting their student through this stage of their education!

Why bother with the 11 plus exam?

The 11 plus remains the single most impressive way in which any student can, before they reach Secondary school; In order to succeed,the students need to prove themselves to possess academic and intellectual ability. Here at Top Mark we understand that the 11 plus primarily functions as a practical means to ensuring a child is able to attend the grammar, or otherwise impressive, Secondary School of their choice. However, the 11 plus still remains as a long-term measure to help inform future; schools, colleges and universities that the child was intellectual, and capable, from an early age.

Here at Top Mark we have a long and proud history of providing excellent teaching for the 11 plus and over the years have secured myriad students their desired School place. Now, more than ever, the 11 Plus is the most definitive way to ensure your child gets the best start in further education and proves their intellectual ability!


For the 11 plus it is very important that your child has a thorough understanding of the basics of maths. It is very easy to have missed an important lesson at school for whatever reason or simply just never understood it well enough to continue. These topics are broadly divided into 4 sections: Number, Handling Data, Shape and Space and Measurement. Your child will not yet have covered some of the topics at the level required for the 11 Plus. We cover every topic thoroughly in a systemic way.


The English paper varies greatly, dependant on your Local Education Authority. The test usually entails writing a story on a given theme and there may be a comprehension test consisting of a text to be read by the pupil and then a series of questions to determine how the child has interpreted and understood the text. We cover grammar, spelling, reading, writing, vocabulary and comprehension.

Verbal Reasoning

This is not taught in the National Curriculum and can be thought of as a way of testing your child’s potential, not just how good they are at learning. VR requires a good vocabulary and involves problems with words, sequences, codes and logic. There are 21 different types of VR questions; your child needs to understand how to identify these questions and what is required to answer them.

Non Verbal Reasoning

This is also not taught in the National Curriculum and involves solving problems that are represented graphically with pictures and diagrams. These questions can also be broken down into different types and again your child needs to understand how to identify them and have a strategy on how to answer them.

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