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Here at Top Mark we understand, and appreciate that KS3 remains the central bridge between childhood and adolescence and can often be particularly difficult age range to accommodate for, particularly when parents are concerned.

KS3 is recognised by all leading educational experts as the period of a student’s development where they first begin to realise the specific areas in which they best suited for future study, and career aspiration. Top Mark recognises this, and unlike other private Education Centres we put a determined effort on combining the specifics of every child’s school curriculum, with a more unique and ambitious approach to engaging the children.


Mathematics is not only important but can cause huge problems for students, whom aren’t prepared when they reach GCSE. Recent changes to examinations make early preparation all the more important. We focus on:

  1. Regular examination practice
  2. Regular homework which is marked
  3. Constant parental feedback
  4. Allowing Students to work at their individual level
  5. Lessons based around current curriculum


In KS3 Science we are often introducing students to GCSE exam materials for the very first time. We are constantly mindful of the changes to the National Curriculum. We introduce our KS3 students to GCSE materials at the earliest possible opportunity, and constantly work on preparing them for the future. As a result:

  1. We understand student’s struggle with specific topics
  2. We provide the highest standard of textbooks and materials
  3. We cater our lessons to help whatever a student’s level is
  4. We encourage those with higher aspirations in the subject


In KS3 English we provide a highly engaging, and well regarded, mode of teaching students which puts tremendous emphasis on the student learning; advanced vocabulary, being introduced to a wide range of complex and relevant reading material, taking part in creative and relevant writing exercises and learning to respond to Media/Poetry materials academically and professionally. Our wide breadth of testimonials outlines this clearly.

  1. We provide reading lists for students of all levels
  2. We run writing workshops within lessons
  3. We provide specialized vocabulary
  4. We prepare students for the coming GCSE years

We provide a level of academic tuition that allows student’s to truly realise their intellectual ability!

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Top Mark Tuition Centre’s team of tutors is based on experienced Qualified teachers who are working in the local schools and are well equipped with the national education curriculum and standards.

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