Examination Entry Fees

Our examination entry fees vary considerably, reflecting the fact that we offer examination entry to a wide range of subjects at many levels through all major UK examinations boards. In addition to this, there are certain exceptions to the fees applicable, e.g. when practical assessments or oral examinations are required.

Consequently, please contact us to discuss the qualification/s that you are interested in and we will provide full information on this/these and confirmation of the fully-inclusive fee applicable for examination entry. The information discussed or requested is provided free of charge and is offered without obligation.

Examination Entry Deadlines
The Current Deadlines For Examination Entry Are As Follows:

May / June 2019 Exam Series

AQA, Edexcel, OCR & WJEC GCSE, IGCSE & A-Level deadline – February 14th 2019

CIE IGCSE & International A-Level deadline – February 14th 2019

October / November 2019 Exam Series

AQA, Edexcel, OCR & WJEC GCSE deadline – September 14th 2019

CIE IGCSE & International A-Level deadline – September 14th 2019

January 2020 Exam Series

Edexcel IGCSE deadline – October 14th 2019

Late Examinations Entry

We can often accept examination entries after the deadlines have passed as indicated above. Please contact us immediately if you have missed the deadline relevant to your intended examination series. 

Availability of late examination entry can vary on a subject-by-subject basis. Please contact us ASAP to confirm whether availability exists for a specific qualification.

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