It all started back on Monday 9th April with the GCSE Portuguese speaking assessment and ended on Tuesday 26th June with an A-Level Further Mathematics exam. During that period, we supported over 460 students with their written, oral and onscreen examinations; as well as their A-Level coursework assessment and practical endorsements. Students travelled to our Private Examination Centre in Bristol from across the UK and Channel Islands – as highlighted by the red dots on the map below.

Red dots on the United Kingdom Map representing students from across the country that came to 3A tutors

International students from Ireland, Spain, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, Ukraine, Mexico, Kuwait and the UAE also travelled to our centre to sit their examinations.

The busiest session during the whole series was the morning of Thursday 7th June when we had 151 GCSE Maths and A-Level Biology students taking their examinations across two sites!

The A-Level Science practical endorsements were all completed at the School of Biological Sciences, University of Bristol and were attended by 21 Biology students, 22 Chemistry students and 13 Physics students; and we are pleased to announce that all of them demonstrated the required standard across all the requirements of the CPAC and will receive a ‘Pass’ grade!

Of course, all students that sat their examinations will now eagerly be awaiting the release of their results. The various results publication dates have been confirmed as follows and all students will receive their results via email by 10.00 am (at the latest) on the applicable date: –

CIE IGCSE & A-Level Results: Tuesday 14th August
AQA, Edexcel, OCR & WJEC A-Level Results: Thursday 16th August
AQA, Edexcel, OCR & WJEC GCSE & IGCSE Results: Thursday 23rd August

Results will be supplied in the form of a Statement of Results, which will be attached to the email. Whilst this is not a formal certificate, it is the standard format for all results in the UK and will be accepted as such by colleges, universities and employers. Students that are unhappy or concerned with their results can contact us on the applicable day, either via phone or email; staff will be on hand from 8.30 to 4.30 to advise on all options available.

Final, formal certificates are provided by the examining boards later in the year – normally early November. We will re-contact all students once they are received, to confirm their postal details and preferences (certificates can also be collected in person).

Onscreen Functional Skills Mathematics tests will be available throughout the summer to students that require the qualification to secure their place at college or university. We offer these tests daily and generally only require one week’s notice to make a booking.

We would like to wish everyone an enjoyable summer!